embrace your full potential

Discover your true colour

Because You Want the Best for your Children

We help families providing psychological guidance…

Embrace your differences

Because your differences are a gift of Life…

Strengthen your Family, strengthen your child

The environment your children grow defines your children’s future…


Services for families

Free Assessment

Get to know whether your child is gifted with our free assessment.

Parental Guidance

Learn how to stimulate your gifted child.

Personal Plan for your Child

We accompany your child to unleash his full potential.

Raising Awareness

We offer conferences and seminars to raise awareness in your environment.

After-School Network

Because PROXIMITY IS POWER, we offer after-school networking so your children won’t feel so different.

Social Media

We help your children connect throughout the world through lives on social media and organize live events to stimulate their mind.


Families and children we have helped


why choose us

Team Work

Committed and collaborative


Trust pays off


We put CONNECTION with families at the HEART of our work

Who We Are

We are a sustainable non-profit organization with 153 office locations worldwide. We’ve been around for 20 years now.

Our Vision

Every individual deserves to be fulfilled and to connect with others because proximity is power.

Our Mission

Helping as much families and children alike as we can to deal with differences, connect with others, stimulate their HEART and their MIND so everyone finds a purpose.


feedback from families we have helped.
Here’s a word from our ambassador, Thomas.
John Doe
    John Doe


    I always felt different. I felt isolated with whomever I was hanging out with. I just felt like the others didn’t think over their head. With the help of the Chosen Ones, I finally understood I was a gifted kid and guided and stimulated me to develop my potential. Today I run my coaching business and I volunteer as a Big Brother amongst The Chosen Ones.

    Jeniffer Doe
      Jeniffer Doe


      Coming from a dysfunctional family, I didn’t have the tools to really raise my kid. A friend of mine referred me to The Chosen Ones an this was a life changing experience. Thanks TCO!

      Claudia Doe
        Claudia Doe


        When I first heard about The Chosen Ones, I was curious. Since then, I’ve been coaching families to support their children. I feel like it’s the best mission on Earth!

        Steven Doe
          Steven Doe


          There are no words to describe the support I felt amongst the family of The Chosen Ones. This is a life changing experience, especially for the relationship I was able to have with my daughter.